Jacob Householder

Building Hopeful Solutions

For Idaho Senate - District 34

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On the Issues...

  • Safeguarding the Family & Morality

    I will defend and promote legislation designed to protect strong family values, including the sanctity of marriage and moral education.

  • Securing Idaho Rights & Sovereignty

    I will work with state and federal legislators to stop the federal government from telling Idahoans how to manage our private property.

  • Defending 2nd Amendment Rights

    I will defend the 2nd Amendment and the right to bear arms and OPPOSE all "Red Flag" gun laws and other unconstitutional gun legislation.


Good Governance


About Jacob

Jacob Householder is a life-long student of the US Constitution and the principles of successful government. He has been a resident of Rexburg, Idaho for six years and currently lives in Rexburg with several members of his family.

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Meet me in person and listen to me speak on principles of successful government. Check out some of the events I'm speaking at in the coming weeks.

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Support the cause by getting involved. We need help spreading the word about this campaign through social outreach, cottage meetings, and other activities.

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Lift where you stand by offering your talents and services to make this campaign a success. All help is greatly appreciated.

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Help my campaign by providing essential financial support. We have an urgent need to print and distribute campaign literature across the district.


I need a strong ground team—volunteers who believe in the cause of liberty who are willing to be boots on the ground. Time is short and there's a lot of work to do. I'll see you soon!

News & Articles


Moral vs Immoral Compromise

Those who consider themselves especially familiar with the political process have told me there is no way to be a politician without compromising from time

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Gov. Little — Sign HB 509

I am pleased to see that after immense pressure from the people, the Idaho legislature has finally passed some very important and truly conservative pro-family

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